Creativity week radi!2018 closing event

This year, the radi!2018 events particularly focused on the active engagement of the united regions of Latvia and their inhabitants, including young people, bearing in mind the message of the centennial and carefully adding to the calendar of cultural events. The basis for the creative activities of the week is the image of Latvia and the vision of a progressive future, through which on the way to the centenary of the state jointly demonstrate Latvia's creative ideas, past achievements, economic growth, creative education, innovative entrepreneurship and smart state governance. The main accent is planned on solutions for future challenges by applying the methods of design thinking. Focusing on every citizen of Latvia as part of the nation-building process and at the same time strengthening cooperation with other parallel projects and events complementing the ideas and messages of radi!2018, the related promotion of social entrepreneurship launched in our country was also created. Creativity week radi!2018 was a set of 7 events spread through the time frame April-October. The radi!2018 team, together with local and foreign design thinking experts, went to Daugavpils, Liepāja, Jelgava, Cēsis and Rīga and invited local residents to develop innovative and sustainable regional and creative industry development projects within their cities.

The Creativity week 2018 closing event aimed to break the stereotypes and myths in the society about failures, risk-taking and their potential consequences. Any apparent failure can serve as a basis for new success, so in the introductory part of the workshop, Edgar Bāliņš, a stand up comedian, spoke with an inspiring narrative about the founding of Fckup Nights Rīga. In addition, one of the founders of the festival LAMPA, Egita Prāma, shared her experience story about the development of the festival and their overcome obstacles since the start of the festival. The event was followed by a journalist Sandra's Kropa’s moderated debate with the head of the medical technology startup “Anatomy Next”, Sandis Kondrāts, movie bloger Sergej Timofejev, the “Pride of Latvia 2018” and the board game “Anger Control” creator Līga Bērziņa and Ron Badger founder of “Heroic Sport” from Denmark, who openly discussed the role of mistakes made in their professional life.