Designing innovative public services – Northern Dimension Institute Policy Brief

Contemporary challenges that ND area governments face are increasingly sophisticated and complex. This is due to the rapid development of technologies that blur the boundaries between the government and citizens, and because of societal changes such as aging of population and increasing immigration flows. The ND Future Forum on Culture* focused on the potential of creative and cultural cross-overs in producing public services that tackle societal challenges more effectively.

After the ND Future Forum, the Policy Brief "Designing innovative public services" was published. Read the Policy Brief here.

Signe Adamoviča, Creativity Lab Latvia

Dr. Päivi Karhunen, CEMAT & Northern Dimension Institute

Prof. Riitta Kosonen, CEMAT & Northern Dimension Institute

*The Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) organized the ND Future Forum on Culture: Creating a better world through cultural and creative crossovers on 15 November 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The event gathered over 50 participants from 11 countries to discuss and share inspiring experiences and lessons learnt on design thinking approach in public service and cultural and creative crossovers addressing societal challenges. The participants represented universities, cultural institutions, NGOs and governmental organizations.

Re-published from the Northern Dimension Institute website.