Arterritory: bridging the gap between contemporary art and its consumers


The project is facilitating the development of a more lively, dynamic, saturated and sustainable art market in the Baltic states, Scandinavia and Russia with knowledgeable art consumers as the essential driving force. By creating a web-based platform at, the project aims to promote art processes, success stories and leading personalities through the exchange of information.


Up-to-date information is crucial in making the art market function in an effective way, so the project creators are aiming to make the Baltic and Nordic art market more attractive to art professionals and consumers in the Baltic and Nordic countries, as well as in other countries in the region.

Arterritory is filling the gaps between what is available in terms of information and opinion in different countries in the region and the potential for a bigger and more saturated regional art market that is beneficial to art professionals and art consumers alike.

Initially intended to serve as a social anthropology study about the relationship between contemporary art and its consumers, the project has evolved as a meeting place for professionals that not only offers the chance to participate in a dialogue where your conversation partner is ready to listen to harsh criticism, but also as a space to get to know one another. The reserved nature of Northern Europeans is probably why it takes us so long to get to know our neighbours even though we live right next to each other.