Tallinn Music Week (Finland-Russia-Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania Music Industry Platform)


Founded in 2007, Tallinn Music Week is an annual event for music industry professionals and artists to develop new business opportunities, careers and increase mobility in the region. Building a broader international contact base and providing stronger media coverage in the respective market facilitates more business opportunities for artists, agents and promoters.

Showcase festivals are an important tool in promoting new talent in other territories. Artists, especially in developing markets like Russia and the Baltics, however, often do not have the necessary financial backing or infrastructure to travel to perform in other countries, not to mention to be able to build a strong marketing and media campaign around their showcase events. The Tallinn Music Week project brings additional resources to participating events to contribute and add value to the artists and to the companies managing their careers, as well as partners in building up their international careers and business in a more professional way.

Through this project, the founders helped integrate Russia and Estonia, as well as Latvia and Lithuania, more into the international music market by using the experience and knowledge of Finland, which has a more advanced and better structured music industry with a history that dates back to the 1970s, a time when the Baltic states and Russia were still behind the Iron Curtain.

The organisations involved in Tallinn Music Week include leading music management organisations from the region, such as Musiccase (Estonia), Suomen Musiikki & Media-Tapahtumat (Finland), Light Music Promotion (Russia), Positivus Event (Latvia) and M.P.3 (Lithuania).