Meet the “Creatively Feeling: an Artful Approach to Mental Health & Healing”, a project from Latvia! ISSP has teamed up with a certified art therapist from New York Julia Volonts (who is partially based in Latvia) to organise a series of art therapy groups for people with depression/anxiety, using photography and collage. The project closely cooperates with the Riga Stradins University Art Therapy MA programme and Art Theraphy association of Latvia. It will develop methodology for the group intervention and share the results with mental health professionals and the general public through two publications.

“This project brings us one step out of the usual realm of the art world towards exploring photography in context of human wellbeing and mental health, consciously using it as a tool for emotional processing and healing – the role the medium is playing so frequently, albeit in an indirect way. We are also starting new partnerships with the main players of art therapy and mental health care system in Latvia, which is a new universe for us. Hopefully we can develop partnerships that last. “  – Julija Berkovica, Director of ISSP.

Project partners: ISSP, Riga Stradins University Art Therapy MA programme and Art Theraphy association of Latvia.

More about #TheArtOfStayingHealthy programme: here.