Darni Socialine Raida’s project “Enabling the Integration of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Disorders into Society through the Forum Theatre Methodology” (Lithuania)  

The project aims to provide social workers with tools and methods based on the Forum Theatre methodology that will help them moderate conflict situations between groups. While piloting the methodology, project’s team will work with people with mental disorders and intellectual disabilities that are trying to integrate into Lithuanian local communities, currently rejected by them due to prevalent prejudices.

Darni Socialine raida has teamed up with Clinical psychologist and training facilitator. Together they will organise “Forum Theatre” theory workshop for social workers and applied “Forum Theatre” workshops for community members and people with mental disorders and intelectual disabilities. The activities are designed for the social workers to learn and apply the method and to provide a platform for the groups in conflict to express their concerns safely and respectfully. At the end a final public presentation about the methodology is planned as well.

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