Creative Industries’ Future Session + Q&A with futurist Roope Mokka

Recent years have left creative and cultural industries (CCIs) facing a lot of challenges and uncertainty. Adjusting to these volatile changes has become almost obligatory, not just in order to survive, but to thrive in the CCIs. What kind of changes are we facing and what possible scenarios could affect the creative field in the future? How should they be approached strategically?

Join us for a brief Creative Industries’ Future Session + Q&A with futurist Roope Mokka to look into some key questions and get some possible answers!

Register and let’s meet online (Zoom) on 15 June 2022 from 16:00–16:45 (EET):

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About the speaker: 

Roope Mokka is one of the founders of the well appreciated Finnish think tank Demos Helsinki, a futurist, urbanist and artist with a focus on social transformations. 

Roope is specialised in helping organisations, communities, cities, and states to become members of transformative alliances and in setting those alliances in motion. He has built alliances with and comprising of cities, corporations, central governments, political parties, civic groups, foundations, news and media, cultural and science institutions, start-ups, artists, performers, technologists, and events. 

Roope has written about the future extensively, for the academic community, policy reports, scenario studies, non-fiction books, and pamphlets. He has taught forecasting and strategic design at several Universities such as KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Aalto University, Chalmers University of Technology and Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo University, and is a regular speaker at events such as TedXAmazon, Slush and Sustainable Brands.