Karjeras konsultacijas project “The Beauty of Self-Mercy and Life” (Latvia) 

An ambitious interdisciplinary project team of life-changing and transformation trainer, a photographer and photo artist, a writer and a clinical psyhologist will organise arts activities for the self-help group of cancer patients called  “PAR DZĪVOT” (“Pro Living”).

The projec aims to improve patients’ coping and adaptation to transformations in their life due to cancer, benefit their health and well-being, assisting the management of cancer.

Aleksis Daume is a life-changing and transformation trainer. He manages the programme “Generosity and tenderness – the beauty of self-mercy that you do not want to resist” based on dialogue and storytelling techniques, which help cancer patients to manage crisis and solve problems, build self-confidence and self-belief, discover and present personal mission, define and share personal vision. Mētra Štelmahere, a photographer and photo artist, manages individual photo sessions “The experience of truth and beauty” for cancer patients to help them to build self-esteem, discover their inner sincerity and beauty. Velga Vītola represents the literature and culture sector. She manages the session “Creative writing of life”, which could be a cathartic process for cancer patients, and guides cancer patients to the museum, which enhances their social relationships. Kristīne Maka is a clinical psychologist and trauma therapist. She provides supervision sessions to the partners organising arts activities, as well as contributes to the measurement of the project impact on the health and well-being of cancer patients

Arts activities for cancer patients will include group and individual sessions within unique authors’ programmes:

  • Generosity and tenderness – the beauty of self-mercy that you do not want to resist
  • The experience of truth and beauty
  • Creative writing of life

At the final stage of the project the exhibition of project results based on photo and creative writing sessions will be organised.

Follow the projects story on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/selfmercy_and_life/

More about #TheArtOfStayingHealthy programme: here.