Karlstad University “Dance for People with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) project “Understanding its Underlying Mechanisms through Functional MRI” (Sweden) 

In this project Karlstad University has teamed up with Umeå University, Balettakademien Umeå and Balettakademien Stockholm. The partners will evaluate brain-related changes in people with Parkinson’s Disease after completing a dance course.

Commenting on the project, Lois Walton says, “Non-pharmacological interventions have been stated as essential complements to standard treatment for people with Parkinson’s Disease in order to sustain quality of life, psychological health, as well as cognitive and motor abilities. This project goes one step further and assesses if dance can be associated with brain changes that tackle the typical neurodegenerative changes seen in people with Parkinson’s Disease.”

More about #TheArtOfStayingHealthy programme: here.