BSR Cultural Pearls: new social resilience project to be funded by Interreg

We are glad to be among the partner organisations in the new social resilience project “BSR Cultural Pearls”, which was recently accepted for funding by the Interreg Baltic Sea programme.

A CBSS project proposal, BSR Cultural Pearls, has been approved for funding by the Interreg Baltic Sea programme. The project, which officially starts in 2023 and runs for a period of three years, will focus on increasing the social resilience of smaller cities and regions.

“Social resilience is what helps societies to absorb and deal with all sorts of threats and pressures, such as for instance natural disasters, economic crises or human conflicts,” said Thorvaldur Kristjansson, the Head of Regional Identity at the CBSS.

The BSR Cultural Pearls project will notably support authorities in the Baltic Seas Region to develop and implement action plans on “culture and resilience”, which will eventually strengthen social cohesion and foster connectedness and shared values so that crises can be overcome more easily.

Building on the Swedish Institute’s Baltic Sea Cultural Cities project, the BSR Cultural Pearls project was one of 31 proposals accepted for fundingby the Interreg programme this year. In total, 12 partner organisations from all Baltic Sea countries and eight associate organisations will be involved in the project.