Environmental Sustainability: Exploration into Possible Futures


Environmental Sustainability: Exploration into Possible Futures – the project has been postponed to Autumn 2020.

The group of scientists and artists together will explore contemporary challenges raising from environmental and climatic changes during the research trip from Rovaniemi to Murmansk.  

A week-long journey from Rovaniemi to Murmansk region will boost a series of topical events which take place in several locations on the way. Exploration into Possible Futures includes artistic research and creative field work, art interventions, openings to new technologies in extreme arctic places, themes and environments. Artists, researchers and other professionals from different fields from several countries around the ND area will collaborate with new colleagues, give their own artistic input to the event and reflect the work of others.

The project produces collaborative and creative responses to climate change within the environmental, technological and socio-economical context across the Northern Dimension Area.

Project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) and  implemented by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in close collaboration with Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland, NDPC and other collaborative partners.

Contact information: Special adviser Tomi Aho, tel. +358 295 330 850, tomi.aho@taike.fi

First research trip to Murmansk Inversia -festival, project and collaboration presentations. In the photo: Tomi Knuutila, Panu Johansson, Antti Tenetz & Arttu Nieminen