First Experts’ Focus Group within “Cultural and Creative Industries Cooperation and Innovation in the ND Countries” project

In the context of developing a new 2021-2024 Strategy, the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) is implementing a study project, the core of which includes mapping, to identify the degree of cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation currently taking place between the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) and other social and economic sectors.

The focus will be on ’cross-innovation’ which in the context of this project refers to a process by which CCIs share information, collaborate and work with other growth sectors to promote new thinking as well as innovative products, services and activities. ‘Cross innovation’ manifested in the digital, economic, environmental, social and educational dimensions is the priority.

Within the framework of the project, an on-line Experts’ Focus Group "The Partnership Market – CCI Connectivity and Cross-Sectoral Innovation" is being convened on 2 July, 2020, from 11.00 to 13.00 (Riga time, GMT +3), to support this study project. It will bring together twenty-five CCI professionals and other relevant people from the eleven Northern Dimension countries to focus in particular on the ways in which CCIs can connect with other sectors and to identify the support measures needed to facilitate greater CCI connectivity with other sectors.

The event will consist of 3 parts: presentation, discussion in teams, feedback. Participants will have a chance to engage in discussions with colleagues, exchange experience and share their views on the following topics related to the creation and development of CCI cross-innovation partnerships:

CCI cross-sectoral cooperation before and after COVID-19.

What drives cross-sectoral relationships and innovation?

What interventions are needed to stimulate increased cross-sectoral activity?

What are the main barriers or obstacles inhibiting cross-sectoral relationships?

Based on the discussions and ideas that emerge from the Experts’ Focus Group Event, a briefing paper will be developed to contribute to the shaping of the NDPC’s new Strategy 2021-2024 and its future actions and activities.

Contact for the event: Yulia Bardun (  

More information about the project can be found here.