Frequently Asked Questions: Northern Spaces for Creative Innovation

Last updated: 26 January 2022

  • Country eligibility: can organisations from Greenland and Faroe Islands apply?

Yes, even though not separate Northern Dimension Countries, organisations from Greenland and Faroe Islands are eligible to apply.

  • Should consortium be presented by: 3 or 2 partners from the cultural and creative industries sector (CCI) + 1 one partner representing a non-CCI sector?

The minimum of the partner consortia is: at least 3 organizations (from Northern Dimension) in total, at least 1 from CCI, at least 1 from non-CII. Whether CII’s or non-CII’s are dominating depends on the project.

  • Can all 3 partners be from the same ND Country?

We are looking for cross-border partnerships in the ND region, therefore it is for the benefit of your application to have at least one partner from another ND country. See selection criteria on Partnerships for more detailed information.

  • Is there a limit on the number of participants for application?

There is no limit on how many partner organisations there can be, so you can go with 3, 4 or more. The minimum is 3.

  • Only one representative from the Northern Dimension CCI can be a lead applicant?

Lead partner/administrating partner has to come from the Northern Dimension country (does not matter CCI or non-CCI), as well as the minimum of other 2 partners have to be from these countries. It is possible to include partners from other countries as associate partners/experts or in other roles, as long as primary eligibility criteria is satisfied (min 3 partners from ND region), however – additional associate partners are not required. The activities for the project should also take place in the Northern Dimension countries.

  • How the leading organisation expected to prove its capacity and experience?

The main idea of this criteria is that we need to know that the organization has the financial and human resources to implement the whole project idea (up to 60 000 EUR budget) and that you have been established as an organization for at least two years. The application form has a question that requires to describe the organization’s experience in managing similar grants and projects. We expect you to demonstrate these qualities by answering this question.

  • What would be an example of non-CII sector? 

Hospitals, IT sector, legal sector, even fishing factories, the range is really wide.

The definition about what is considered within “Cultural and Creative Industries CCI” is constantly negotiated and updating. This UNESCO draft gives quite good insight to the topic of CII thus helping to understand also what is non-CII sector also.

To learn more about cross-innovation practices and trends in the region, read our latest study on “Cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation within Creative and Cultural Industries – practices, opportunities and policies within the area of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture”and visit the CCIs in the Northern Dimension Countries website.

If you already have an idea and have doubts if it is eligible in terms of being cross-sectorial, to be sure, feel free to contact us and ask.

  • Does the project support the renovation to set up a sound-art center?

Most likely not, because we go here for more sustainable and innovative project ideas. The idea is not to have investments in building, but more in content and processes. It’s about also adding value to existing processes, products, and ideas. In this case, for example, it could be possible more to look for cross-innovative ways of HOW to renovate the sound-art centre. How to involve different partners, different level stakeholders, how to involve community etc., but the investment of the grant in physical renovation itself would not be considered a support to the sustainability of cross-sectoral innovation.

  • Can a partner from non-CCI sector be a private company for profit?

Yes. We encourage these corporations from different levels and different legal status.

  • How would you estimate the value of a project proposal?

First, the selection criteria on the points are in the call and in the application. It’s quite detailed, so keep an eye on that. However, the selection itself will be done by an independent jury – professionals working in CCI’s, as well as innovation professionals and other partners that will be able to access the applications and choose the winning ideas.

  • Is it needed to make a letter of intent?

Yes, it is needed, a template can be found here.

  • Can staff costs for my organisation be included in the estimated budget?

Yes, however we encourage you to allocate most of the resources to the activities itself, however hourly rate of staff allocated to the project and its implementation is allowed, as well as fees to experts, consultants, and other service providers.

  • Is co-financing requested/needed?

It’s not an official requirement for the application, however co-financing from project partners or other stakeholders is welcomed if available. This would show the sustainability and viability of the project idea.

This document will be updated. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to also contact us by e-mail at

We are looking forward to receiving your applications. Deadline 15 February 2022!