Looking back at the online events of “Exploration into possible futures” project

On 5 and 16 June, as well as on 12 August three online seminars during the "Exploration into Possible Futures 2020" project, focusing on ecology, future, agency, and local perspectives in the complex context of sustainability, took place.

The summaries of the events can be found here below:

Age of Change – 12 August

Age of Ecologies – 16 June

Age of Agency – 5 June

The online events are organized as part of the "Exploration into Possible Futures", a sub-project of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture, Creating New Practices of Sustainability – Cross-sectorial creativity in the era of Climate Change – project which focuses on examining four pillars of sustainability in relation to local resilience at north.

Project is based on the idea that art and culture can serve as activators for developing social discourse in an eco-social and cultural direction as a response to climate change. In this transition towards more resilient and sustainable thinking, expertise in art and culture can offer numerous development views and actions that significantly support multilateral regional cooperation.

The end result of Exploration into Possible Futures will be joint artistic-scientific output carried out by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in collaboration with independent curating group FridayMilk (Murmansk), Magneetti (Northern Media Culture Organization Rovaniemi), and other partners.

The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture. Project is implemented by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.