Open call for ideas for cross innovation projects

Creating spaces where cross-sectorial collaboration and innovation can flourish

The Northern Spaces for Creative Innovation Call for Ideas is open to cultural and creative industries (CCI) professionals from Northern Dimension countries to submit their cross-innovation project ideas.

We invite organisations from cultural and creative industries sector to test collaboration models and processes that create spaces, whether physical or digital, for cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation in the Northern Dimension countries. Moreover, we are looking for collaboration models that connect the CCI field with the digital, economic, environmental, social, education and other sectors, building up a cross-sectoral cooperation ecosystem.

With the Northern Spaces for Creative Innovation, we aim to:

  • Create  spaces  and  multilevel  partnerships  for  such  collaboration  to  flourish in Northern Dimension countries and beyond.
  • Promote new thinking as well as innovative products, services, and activities by fostering cross-sectorial connectivity, both face-to-face and or virtually.
  • Innovate  traditional  industrie,  transforming  practices  and  processes  that  affect multiple  entities  and  involve  relevant  societies  and  communities.
  • Address  challenges which are key to innovation practices that most societies and  economies will attempt to address in the coming years: health,  climate change, digitalization,  economic resilience with involvement of the local communities.
  • Build cross-border partnerships in the Northern Dimension region.
  • Ensure  the  models  found in  this  process  can  be  sustained and upscaled  for  future use.

Who can apply?  

The call is open to organisations working in one or more of the Northern Dimension partner countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden.  

A minimum of three partners from the Northern Dimension countries are required with one of them administering the application. The project team should include a diversity of stakeholders in the concerned country(ies), including at least one partner representing a non-CCI sector.

How to apply? 

At this stage you can apply for the amount between 5000-10000 EUR. If your idea is selected, you and your partners will have six months to test and up-scale it and apply to implement your project for up to a total amount of 60 000 EUR.

All information about the Northern Spaces for Creative Innovation call for ideas can be found here.

The following documents need to be submitted:

  • Application form completed in English (template available  here)
  • Estimated budget (in EUR) completed in English (template available  here)
  • Signed support letters from your partners (template available  here)

All necessary documents can be found in the  Northern Spaces for Creative Innovation application package here.

Submit your project ideas by Tuesday, 15 February 2022 (at 23:59 CET) to

Our support to you 

Want to have more information? The Northern Spaces for Creative Innovation team is happy to answer any questions during the upcoming  Q&A sessions:

  • Wednesday, 15 December 2021, at 12:00 CET
  • Wednesday, 12 January 2022, at 12:00 CET
  • Wednesday, 2 February 2022, at 12:00 CET

Register to the Q&A sessions here.

Do not hesitate to reach out to the Northern Spaces for Creative Innovation team if you have any questions about the call or the application process to Lina: and

The Northern Spaces for Creative Innovation is a part of the joint project between NDPC and EUNIC “Support to the NDPC”, co-funded by the European Union.