Policy Brief: CCI Connectivity and Cross-sectoral Innovation

In the light of the consequences caused by the pandemic, the need for innovative thinking and fresh approaches to policies and practices is more urgent than ever. A sustainable and targeted cross-sectoral cooperation can generate new solutions in different areas. This is also an opportunity for the CCI sector to refocus, readapt and contribute while seeking new ways of working and new sources of income and funding.

NDPC is launching the policy brief "CCI Connectivity and Cross-sectoral Innovation – Creating the Relationships" which is one of a series that is being produced during the course of this year. The ability of CCIs to connect with other sectors and contribute to cross-sectoral innovation is therefore appropriately the focus of this first policy brief. The background to it is two-fold. It is one guiding element of work and activity taking place to develop the new NDPC Strategy for 20121-2024. In addition, it flows from an EU-funded project 'Cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation within Creative and Cultural Industries – practices, opportunities and policies within the area of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture’ which includes mapping, identification of case studies in each of the countries and expert focus groups.

The project is being developed by Terry Sandell, Petya Koleva and Yulia Bardun in extensive consultation with professionals in the eleven Northern Dimension countries. This Policy Brief is flowing from that cooperation including a very productive online Experts’ Focus Group which took place in July 2020. The Policy Brief therefore represents a synthesis of a very broad range of expert views.

This policy brief looks at CCI connectivity and cross-sectoral innovation by focusing on four areas:

  • CCI cross-sectoral cooperation before and after COVID-19
  • What drives cross-sectoral relationships and innovation?
  • What interventions are needed to stimulate increased cross-sectoral activity?
  • What are the main barriers or obstacles inhibiting cross-sectoral relationships?

The policy brief is available in English and Russian.

The NDPC welcomes feedback on this and on future Policy Briefs. For more information on the project mentioned above go to the project page.