Request for expertise proposals

The NDPC has been granted small-scale project funding for supporting the emergence of creative cross-innovations in the Northern Dimension region. The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Finland from the funding instrument of co-operation in the Baltic Sea, Barents and Arctic region.

The NDPC refers to creative cross-innovations as a collaborative process where professionals from the arts, culture, and creative fields (CCIs) share information, working methods, creative approaches and “cross-over” to other sectors and traditional industries to collaborate in new ways with professionals from other fields. The aim of creative collaborations is to tap into the potential of creative know-how, to promote new thinking, access creative activities, and through cross-disciplinary activities, boost creative co-creation within society, e.g. in the fields of health and wellbeing, research & technology, urban development and sustainability, etc. See mapping Collaboration and Innovation in the Northern Dimension Countries (2021).

The project consists of two separate elements:

1) Small-scale benchmarking process of creative cross-innovations in the global context

2) Practical pilot and method development “Creative Residency for Sustainability” and its evaluation tool.

More info about the project implementation and its partners will follow.

With this call, NDPC is looking for an external consultancy to perform the benchmarking process, and to support the method development and its dissemination.

We are asking for proposals from a small, selected group of experts, with acknowledged expertise in the project topic. If you are interested in applying for the call, more detailed information is available by reaching out to: 

Krista Petäjäjärvi

Project Advisor

+358 40 4160408