The Creative Residency for Sustainability Wrap-Up

As part of “Creative Cross-Innovations for Sustainability” project the NDPC has been developing and carrying out a creative cross-innovation methodology. The projects’ pilot specifically aimed to explore cross-disciplinary dialogues between artists and professionals from other sectors. The “Creative Residency for Sustainability” pilot had two main goals: the first was to explore and conceptualise the value of artistic practice as a source of dialogue and insight around the topic of sustainability and future thinking. The second goal related to the understanding of the role played by art institutions as intermediaries and enablers of creative crossovers.

NDPC implemented the residency pilot  in collaboration with the project partners Havremagasinet (Sweden), Tromsø Art Academy (Norway) and BusinessOulu (Finland). The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Finland and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture Finland.

The pilot consisted of a 7-week-long residency period which involved the visual artist Pilar de Burgos and the workers and facilities of Boden Business Park, represented by Stina Mattson (Business developer) and Thomas Fägerman (CEO). The residency happened in spring 2023, in Norrbotten, Sweden. The local art hall Havremagasinet and its director Mariangela Méndez Prencke, served as an intermediary and bridge builder between the parties.

To summerise the main findings  of the pilot the NDPC has developed a thought provoking and conversation leading poster about the Creative Residency for Sustainability concept.

Download the printable file here.