Meet project “Stimuli” from Germany! Interdisciplinary artist Irene F. Arcas and designer Laetitia Barbu will team up with health experts in an innovative project that aims to foster the practice of soft body movements to release children’s physical pain and stress/anxiety through the use of yoga and meditation. The illustrations printed on daytime care clothes and pyjamas for children, as well as experimentation on work clothes for adult caregivers will be used to help to remember practicing relaxation moves at any time of the day or night, when the need arises. This approach can be used for preventing unhealthy behaviors through the promotion of movements relieving body and soul. It can also be used more specifically for management and treatment of illness by medical experts.

Project partners: Interdisciplinary artist Irene F. Arcas, designer Laetitia Barbu, health experts.

More about #TheArtOfStayingHealthy programme: here.