Creating New Practices of Sustainability – Cross-Sectorial Creativity in the Era of Climate Change

Project Duration

October 2019 – December 2020.


Project description

The project NORTHERN DIMENSION PARTNERSHIP ON CULTURE: CREATING NEW PRACTICES OF SUSTAINABILITY – Cross-sectorial creativity in the era of climate change is a creative response for supporting sustainable development. The project is based on the idea that art and culture can serve as activators for developing the social discourse in an eco-social and cultural direction. In this transition towards more sustainable thinking, expertise in art and culture can offer numerous development actions that significantly support multilateral regional cooperation in order to find common solutions for the Northern Dimension area.

The project focuses on exploring the problematics of sustainable development experienced by communities in the Northern Dimension area from the perspective of the arts based on the four pillars of sustainability.

Main actions of the project

The actions of the project are based on four modules:

Module 1: Social sustainability. Generating new common ground.

Module 2: Environmental sustainability. Transforming the Northern Dimension area: A research trip into possible futures.

Module 3: Economic sustainability. Strengthening professional intermediation regionally.

Module 4: Cultural sustainability. Recognizing futures.

Module 1

The module takes its elements from participatory practices and questions property rights among other cultural and social ownerships, especially in relation to indigenous communities.

Working within the frame of ethical and immaterial social production the module aims to support the enhancement of local stability among a variety of communities.

By merging civil society and academia a two-day event utilizes art-oriented methods in exploring development phenomena and tradition of innovation. With the help of artist developers, tools are created to encounter and interact with communities in the spirit of the Faro Convention.

Module 2

This module will produce collaborative and creative responses to climate change within the environmental, technological and socio-economical context across the Northern Dimension Area.

Module will gather scientists and artists together to explore contemporary challenges raising from environmental and climatic changes with transdisciplinary, sustainable and open means. Activity unfolds through series of explorations, fieldwork sessions,creative and artistic acts in specific locations, themes and habitats.

Module 3

This module highlights how the utilisation of creative expertise, products and services in other sectors has become a significant competitive factor and provides a set of tools for new smart practices, locally and regionally, aiming at sustainable growth.

This module offers activities for intermediaries based on workshops, introductions and speed dating. Intermediaries will have the opportunity to share case examples and best practices with each other on the basis of their own areas of expertise. Exchanging information and comparing experiences, for example about conceptualising, business models, monitoring trends and brand communications, will help strengthen the professional identity and regional networking among participants. Participants will also have the chance to take part in expertise assessments.

Module 4

Cultural Sustainability is built on the continuum of cultural heritage, where providing for cultural diversity aims to enable cross-cultural communication, creativity and knowledge production.

The module creates a people-to-people-platform for cross-sectoral communication by bringing together the multi-dimensional participants and perspectives from all the preceding modules in order to pool all the new knowledge and digging out the hidden gems of the entire process and there finding the streams for continuous collaboration.

Project information

Project duration is from October 2019 till December 2020.

Project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC).

Project is implemented by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in close collaboration with Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland, NDPC and other collaborative partners.

Project results: 

Contact information:

Special adviser Tomi Aho, tel. +358 295 330 850,


Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture

Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland