Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art project “Let´s sign the art” (Latvia). According to the Latvian Association for the Deaf, Latvian sign language art terminology hasn’t been deliberately developed, while in Latvia there are approximately 2,000 deaf people, 30,000 people with impaired hearing and only 35 sign language interpreters. Together with 3 other organisations, Riboca will research and pilot the methodology of contemporary art mediation for this target group. The project aims to increase the well-being, inclusion and visitor expirience of deaf and hearing impaired people and their families by training sign language interpreters, training art venue staff in basic sign language and improving Latvian sign language art terminology.

Kristīne Ercika: “Imagine! You are on a plane for a second your ears are full of silence. Do you remember that feeling? And imagine now it is your whole life, so now I’m giving you the great opportunity to first time ever be a part of a groundbraking project to help people who are feeling like this all the time find their tools and develop part of language that can incpororate them to be a part of on of the biggest contemporary art exibitions in Baltics. Are you interested?”

Project partners: RIBOCA, Latvian Association of the Deaf, Ēbelmuiža primary school, Apeirons.

More about #TheArtOfStayingHealthy programme: here.