Study on CCI policies in the NDPC area: 11 Dimensions

This study by Piia Heliste, Otto Kupi and Riitta Kosonen on behalf of the NDPC analyses cultural and creative-industry (CCI) policies in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Russia), highlights the key organisations, and provides recommendations for other possible scenarios for CCI support and growth.

Although the cultural and creative industries in many Northern Dimension countries have been growing faster than any other sector of the economy in the past few years, these countries’ cultural and creative industries are at very different stages of development. Depending on the stage of development, there are considerable differences in how the cultural and creative industries are viewed. For example, while some countries stress their traditional arts and culture, others are focused on building a creative economy.

The study is aimed at policymakers and developers, as well as any other stakeholders in the cultural and creative industries.

The study was produced with financial assistance from the European Union.

Download the study here

Year: 2015