The Creative Insight as a Service project has launched a Cross Innovation Toolbox

The project Creative Insight as a Service supports the development of creative cross innovations in the Baltic Sea Region. In this project a new cross innovation methodology was developed and piloted in two companies in two partner countries – Poland and Latvia – in 2023.

The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture facilitated a pilot at the Draugiem Group – artist and illustrator Martins Zutis worked there for a period of four weeks.

The aim of the project was to develop and test a creative method for how an intermediary could support cross-sector collaborations between artists and companies. The pilots were set off to question, can creative insights be produced to specific topics on demand?

The Creative Insight as a Service process started with matchmaking the company with a suitable artist for the job. The company defined a relevant challenge or topic, to which they needed new insights and perspectives. The artist had the chance to be onsite at the company or work remotely for a period of one month. The task was to make further inquiries for the topic, and find one’s creative approach, an insight, to be presented back to the company. The insight could be in any format, not necessarily a ready piece of art, yet a sketch, a concept that could convey the approach.

The results of the project are presented in a “Cross Innovation Toolbox” that suggests a set of tools to structure and organise cross-sectoral collaborations. This project has chosen to focus on finding the right questions rather than answers. Every practical crossinnovative collaboration process arises a set of new questions. It is relevant that these questions are shared and discussed, with peers who aim to further develop and implement the practice.

Knowledge sharing is key to further establish cross-sectorial explorations between artists and companies from various sectors.

Download the Cross-Innovation-Toolbox

Project is implemented by the Subtopia (lead partner), Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture NDPC and Fabryka Sztuki.

The project is financed by the Swedish Institute with co-founding from the NDPC.