Open Call | #NDPCbootcamp for Cross-Innovation

The Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (NDPC) invites practitioners from the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCs) and professionals from other sectors to apply for the #NDPCbootcamp, which will take place from 31 May to 4 June 2023 in Līgatne, Latvia. Application deadline: 19 March.

The #NDPCbootcamp for Cross-Innovation provides a unique opportunity for participants to explore unfamiliar sectors, gain valuable insights, and generate new ideas for projects, formats, products, services, and processes. The bootcamp aims to promote cross-field networking between creative professionals and other professionals, recognizing the mindset and tools required for successful cross-innovation. The bootcamp will feature expert lectures and workshops, group exercises, and peer learning, facilitated by Tuomas Tirkkonen from Tupu Creative (Finland), with contributions from experts such as Louisa Steinwärder and Raffaela Seitz from The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft Innovation Hub (Germany) and other international cross-innovation experts and inspirational speakers from diverse industries. This bootcamp will be an unforgettable learning experience that will leave you feeling inspired and equipped with the mindset you need to start your cross-innovation journey.

“The creative and cultural sectors have always been pioneers in creating new lifestyles and innovative approaches to professional practices. As a result, these sectors also hold the key to unlocking boundless possibilities for innovation in other industries. To make the world a better place and drive progress in areas like sustainable living, work, production, and resource utilization, it is important for different professional sectors to collaborate. In this era of mounting environmental concerns, cross-sectoral cooperation has become more vital than ever before, and only by working together can we usher in a more sustainable and prosperous future for all, “ Dace Resele (Head of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture) emphasises the topicality of creative cross-innovation and its skills.

The NDPC will provide accommodation, meals, coaching, content, and the equipment required for the bootcamp. Selected participants will need to cover their own travel costs to and from Riga. Potential applicants with financial constraints can apply for a travel grant (4 grants available, more info in the application form).  

Interested applicants must fill in the application form by 19 March. Although previous experience in creative cross-innovation is not required, clearly articulated interest and motivation will be highly appreciated. The #NDPCbootcamp is open to practitioners from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Sweden.

More information about the bootcamp and application process here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your collaboration and innovation skills!

What do we mean by creative cross-innovations?

Creative cross-innovations in terms of creative cross-overs are a cross-disciplinary process, where professionals from the arts, culture, and creative fields (CCSs) share and exchange information, working methods, skills, competency and creative approaches with other sectors and traditional sectors to collaborate in new ways with professionals from other fields.

The aim of this type of cross-sector collaboration is to tap into the potential of creative know-how, to promote new thinking, explore new ways of doing, boost product – process – and business model innovation, creative co-creation and novel types of cross-innovations within society, e.g. in the fields of research & technology, health and wellbeing, business and industry, urban development, pedagogy, sustainability, peace and security, etc.

The study “Collaboration and Innovation in the Northern Dimension Countries” (NDPC 2021) mapped cross-innovations and their potentials. The study concludes that creative cross-overs have a lot of potential for societal impact, but the underlying potentials are not yet being realized.