#NDPCbootcamp for Cross-Innovation

This year #NDPCbootcamp will bring together 10 practitioners from the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCSs) and 10 practitioners from other sectors for cross-sectorial exchange and to enhance collaboration skills. We are aiming for the bootcamp to be the seed for new perspectives and collaborative innovations long after the event. 

When and where?

  • 31.05. – 4.06.2023.
  • Līgatne, Latvia


Exploring unfamiliar sectors can provide valuable insights for generating new ideas for projects, formats, products, services, processes and more. By looking beyond one’s own sector, new impulses can be found that can drive innovation and growth for everyone involved – both on individual and societal levels.

You should apply if you are:

  • Interested in gaining new knowledge and inspiration about creative cross-innovations*;
  • Eager to learn how to establish new formats of cross-sectorial collaborations;
  • Excited to connect with diverse peers with similar interests.

What to expect?

The upcoming bootcamp will be about mutual learning, exchange, networking, inspiration and collaboration. Be prepared for cross-innovation related expert inputs, peer learning and hands-on collaboration on real-life challenges.

Take a look at the recap of the very first #NDPCbootcamp that focused on creative entrepreneurship and took place last year. The participants have even prepared a message for you (as a future participant).  


The NDPC will provide accommodation, meals, coaching, content and the equipment required for the Bootcamp. The selected participants will need to cover their own travel costs to Riga and back.

If you would like to participate, but your current financial situation doesn’t allow you to, you can also apply for the Bootcamps’ travel grant (4 spots available, for further instructions see application form).

Who can apply?

Practitioners from CCSs AND practitioners from other sectors from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Sweden.We hope for great diversity and many different perspectives.

Although we do not expect you to have any previous experience in creative cross-innovation, clearly articulated interest and motivation will be highly appreciated.

What we mean by CCSs and other sectors? 

In this case, we refer to cultural and creative sectors’ (CCSs) as all sectors whose activities are based on cultural values or artistic and other individual or collective creative expressions. The activities may include the development, creation, production, dissemination and preservation of goods and services, which embody cultural, artistic or other creative expressions.

Therefore, not all sectors are considered CCSs. Some examples of sectors that are not typically considered to be part of the CCSs: Service Sector (unless it is specifically providing creative services), Science, Technology, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction and other sectors.

Classifying a sector as a CCS can be complex as there may be overlaps between sectors. Even in other sectors, companies may have a creative aspect to their operations. To determine if a sector or a company is considered to be a part of CCS, it is essential to examine the focus of its operations. The key factor is whether it is primarily creating cultural or artistic insights/expressions/goods. 

How to apply? 

Fill in the application form by 3 March. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Next steps

Save the dates and wait for our message! At the beginning of April, we will inform the applicants if they have been accepted for the Bootcamp. The most important factor in the selection process will be motivation and interest in the creative cross-innovation topic.

If you have any queries regarding your application or the bootcamp, please email info@ndpculture.org

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*What do we mean by creative cross-innovations?

Creative cross-innovations in terms of creative cross-overs are a cross-disciplinary process, where professionals from the arts, culture, and creative fields (CCSs) share and exchange information, working methods, skills, competency and creative approaches with other sectors and traditional sectors to collaborate in new ways with professionals from other fields.

The aim of this type of cross-sector collaboration is to tap into the potential of creative know-how, to promote new thinking, explore new ways of doing, boost product – process – and business model innovation, creative co-creation and novel types of cross-innovations within society, e.g. in the fields of research & technology, health and wellbeing, business and industry, urban development, pedagogy, sustainability, peace and security, etc.

The study “Collaboration and Innovation in the Northern Dimension Countries” (NDPC 2021) mapped cross-innovations and their potentials. The study concludes that creative cross-overs have a lot of potential for societal impact, but the underlying potentials are not yet being realized.