Policy Brief: CCIs engaging with Well-being and Health

NDPC is issuing the third Policy Brief ‘Getting Better? CCIs Engaging with Well-being and Health: Building Inclusive Communities and Resilient Societies’ within the framework of an EU-funded study project ‘Cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation within Creative and Cultural Industries – practices, opportunities and policies within the area of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture’, which is being carried out till the end of February 2021.

As already noted in the second Policy Brief, with the United Nations’ designation of 2021 as the year of “The Creative Economy for Sustainable Development”, CCIs will be expected to take a proactive role in finding solutions to global and local challenges. Creative and innovative companies, organisations and entrepreneurs will need to significantly increase their efforts in terms of cross-sectoral working. The CCI sector working with other sectors can contribute effectively to solving many of the challenges and issues both of those sectors and on a wider canvas. Some barriers, increasingly identified as the project has developed, need to be tackled including serious issues such as cross-sectoral communication gaps and failure by the different sectors to make cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation a policy priority backed up by cross-sectoral funding mechanisms. Another frequently identified area of need has been the demand for case studies and examples of good practice which form part of the project.

This Policy Brief ‘Getting Better? CCIs Engaging with Well-being and Health: Building Inclusive Communities and Resilient Societies’ looks at the obstacles and opportunities and what actions or support measures are needed to facilitate increased cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation in this area. It takes as its focus four themes:

1- What is the research telling us and how good is the traction between the research and the CCI sector?

2- Creating cross-innovation opportunities, incentivising CCI and well-being cross-sectoral co-operation and innovation.

3- COVID-19 as a CCI area of opportunity to improve community well-being and health.

4- What can CCIs offer in relation to mental health, well-being and resilience in the COVID-19 context?

This Policy Brief incorporates the inputs and ideas of many experts and specialists whom we want to thank, especially those who actively contributed to an Experts’ Focus Group which took place as an online event on 27th October 2020.

The Policy Brief is available in English and Russian.

The NDPC welcomes your feedback on this Policy Brief. For more information on the project mentioned above, go to the project page.