Recap of the #NDPCbootcamp2023

On 31 May – 4 June this year #NDPCbootcamp second edition set out to support 20 practitioners from the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCSs) and also from other sectors. The goal of the bootcamp was to support cross-field networking between creative professionals and professionals working in other fields, and to recognize the mindsets and tools that cross-innovations require to succeed.

The inspiring and inclusive energy that enveloped us continues to resonate deeply. The open-mindedness of our diverse group fostered an environment of growth and collaboration that we cherish. Together, we have embarked on an extraordinary journey of cross-innovation. 

If you didn’t get the chance to check out our social media diaries during the bootcamp, you can find the review of the #NDPCbootcamp here:

Day One

Together with facilitator Tuomas Tirkkonen from the Tupu Creative we finally met 20 diverse professionals from 8 countries. The participants arrived and settled in Līgatne, Latvia and the individual and group goals were set to start the cross-sectorial exchange journey.

Photo: Kristina Virse

Day Two 

The second day of the #NDPCbootcamp journey commenced with an introduction to cross-innovation by Krista Petäjäjärvi, Acting Head of the NDPC Secretariat. Her insights set the stage for an enlightening session ahead.
We were then privileged to witness  Angelo Vermeulen, an extraordinary artist, biologist, and space systems researcher. Through an online session Angelo shared invaluable lessons from his unique experiences, empowering all the bootcampers with ractical approaches and tools for co-creation.

Inspired by the insights of the morning session we embarked on a visit to the historic Līgatne paper mill, guided by none other than its owner and visionary personality – Edgars Ricevs. Together, bootcamper teams delved into the challenges faced by this iconic establishment and set out on an exciting task: crafting cross-innovative concepts for the future of the paper mill.

Photo: Elīna Meiere

Day Three 

#NDPCbootcamp day three was an absolute thrill as we immersed ourselves in the realm of Arts and Design Based Crossovers within the corporate and business sectors. We were truly fortunate to have Johanna Kouzmine-Karavaïeff on spot at the Bootcamp, as she shared her journey and illuminated the significance of this unique forms of crossovers.

But what exactly is the territory of these crossovers? Where do they happen? How are they changing “the game”? These questions sparked our curiosity and set the stage for an engaging discussion.

Inspired by the morning inputs, in the spirit of teamwork, our bootcampers continiued collaborating on addressing the challenges faced by the Līgatne paper mill. Their dedication and creativity shone through as they presented their solutions to the paper mill. We were excited to witness the results of the co-creation of the bootcampers. As the bootcamp progressed, we embarked on a reflective phase.

Photo: Kristina Virse

Day Four

#NDPCbootcamp day four started with engaging discussions and reflections on the thought-provoking questions from previous days.

To even further fuel the inspiration, we had the privilege of hearing from two outstanding cross-innovation professionals, Louisa Steinwärder and Raffaela Seitz. They shared their remarkable journey at the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft Cross Innovation Hub and introduced us to the case of Fraircraft. Want to learn more about them? Check it out here.

Following the enlightening morning session, participants had the opportunity to engage in personalized 1:1 mentoring sessions with the Louisa and Raffaela.

We concluded the bootcamp story with certificates and laughter-filled closing party as well.

Day Five

As we approached the final day of the bootcamp, participants  took a moment to reflect on their personal goals and key-takeaways from the transformative experience of the bootcamp. As we collectiveley departed from Līgatne, we were delighted to be aware of the lasting connections forged here at #NDPCbootcamp.

Photo: Kaspars Teilāns and Kristina Virse

A big thank you to all the participants for contributing to this incredible atmosphere of support and inspiration! Our heartfelt gratitude extends to our facilitator, Tuomas Tirkkonen, whose guidance and expertise have been invaluable in shaping this transformative experience. Your dedication to fostering collaboration and facilitating meaningful discussions has made a profound impact on us. Thank you for taking us on this inspiring path!

We also want to express our sincere appreciation to all the experts who generously shared their insights, including the remarkable team at the Ligatne paper Mill. Your presence and input have been invaluable on our exploration journey. We are truly grateful for your contribution to this experience!

As we bid farewell to the bootcamp, let our shared adventures in creating, collaborating, and implementing continue to unfold. Here’s to the exciting path ahead! After the first edition in Estonia 2022, a great experinece in Latvia 2023 now NDPC is looking forward the possibilities to develop the event concept further for a third edition in 2024.

Photo: Kaspars Teilāns