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BSR Cultural Pearls

NDPC is one of the 12 project partners within the BSR Cultural Pearls project, co-funded by the EU’s Interreg Baltic Sea Region program. The project aims to strengthen social resilience in Baltic Sea Region municipalities, towns and cities by harnessing the potential of culture and creativity. The BSR Cultural Pearls project’s objective is to enable smaller cities and regions to increase their social resilience and maintain the quality of life with local assets in an innovative way.  Project target groups are local public authorities (towns, cities, municipalities, regions).

The project contains several components such as the BSR Cultural Pearls Award and the peer-mentoring program to support municipalities to develop social resilience through cultural means. As part of this program the “Incentive mechanism” is introduced, an element of support to encourage new practical pilots that showcase how the local CCS can contribute to social resilience.

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Incentive mechanism in project BSR Cultural Pearls

The development of an “Incentive mechanism” is managed by NDPC and aims to support the awarded “Cultural Pearls” to pilot new practical activities. The mechanism provides educational and financial support to local pilots implemented by CCS practitioners as part of the BSR Cultural Pearls Title. The overall goal is to encourage the awarded “Pearls” to collaborate with their local CCS in new strategic manners and for the Pearls to use available services of the CCS to demonstrate in practice how cultural means can be used to develop social resilience.

The NDPC is responsible for developing this tool or mechanism to educate and guide this collaboration process “step-by-step” for a smooth collaboration with clear aims. This means that the mechanism includes criteria by which the Pearls can receive this financial means, basis for needed agreements and administration procedures to support the pilots, and framework for the expected documentation and evaluation of the practical pilots enabled with the support of the “Incentive mechanism”.

Scope of needed expertise  

With this call, NDPC is seeking external expertise to enhance the understanding of participants (cities, towns, municipalities) involved in the BSR Cultural Pearls project regarding the inclusion of CCS practitioners in innovative actions aimed at fostering culture-driven social resilience. This open call aims to engage experienced professionals who can provide firm strategic guidance and take responsibility for the overall development of the “Incentive mechanism” process. The development is done in close collaboration and support from the NDPC, serving as the link between the expert and the BSR Cultural Pearls project. The development of the “Incentive mechanism” requires a comprehensive understanding of the cultural landscape, local governance structures and stakeholder dynamics.

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