The Creative Insight as a Service project has launched its first pilot!

The Creative Insight as a Service project has launched its first pilot at the Draugiem Group. At the Draugiem Group premises, artist and illustrator Martins Zutis will work for a pilot period of four weeks. The purpose of the pilot is to bring artistic practise into the company’s every-day setting, and through art to create new dialogues and insights into the theme and challenge set by the host company.  

Take a look at the kick-off event with the Draugiem Group Mentor Club! The seeds for creative insights have been planted – we expect to harvest the results at the end of May. Photos: Kaspars Teilāns

About the host company: Draugiem Group

The origins of Draugiem Group date back to 2004 – their birthday coincides with the creation of – a local, Latvian social media site. Many other new ideas and brands followed after their first, very successful, project, and currently the group consists of 11 diverse brands: Printful, Mapon, DeskTime, Idea Lights, Road Games, Prime Promedics, Startup Vitamins, Tachogram, Fast Brands, Istabai and Draugiem Group’s brands work in many different fields, starting from print products, smart home solutions and ending with strengthening friendships. But all of their brands share one thing in common – technology. Jānis Palkavnieks, the spokesperson of Draugiem Group explains the company’s interest in taking part in the pilot: “Experimentation is one of the core values of the Draugiem Group. We are interested to explore new ways of collaboration and to  the insights they can bring to the table. ”

About the artist: Mārtiņš Zutis


Mārtiņš Zutis (1988) is an illustrator, author and animator with a deep interest in visual storytelling and the interplay of text and imagery. His illustrations, comics and animation often stand out with their unusual characters, word games and exact patterns that are turned into visual language. His works are published in the comic magazines Kuš! and Popper

Mārtiņš Zutis explains his interest in taking part in the pilot project: “Developing and holding graphic storytelling workshops is part of my practice. I’m curious to see how this can be appropriated to needs of not just arts enthusiasts but businesses as well.


About the Creative Insight as a Service project 

The pilot is a part of the “Creative Insight as a Service” project which designed and implemented by Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture – NDPC, Fabryka Sztuki and Subtopia (the lead partner). The project aims to support the development of creative cross-innovations in the Baltic Sea Region.

The pilot is being funded by the Swedish Institute with co-funding from the NDPC and the Draugiem Group.

More information on the “Creative Insight as a Service” project is available: here. 

Stay tuned to find out more – in May we will reveal more about the challenge itself and the results of the experimental journey!