The #CreativeGPS project has kicked off its journey

In Helsinki on February 7th and 8th, we had the pleasure and privilege of meeting face-to-face with partners from Trade Union for Art and Culture Professionals (Finland) and Tallinn Creative Incubator  (Estonia) to facilitate the kick-off the #CreativeGPS project.

In Europe, especially in the Central Baltic Region, professionals in cultural and creative fields face a lot of challenges in securing sustainable employment and income. Their work often involves multiple and diverse activities, making it rare to have a steady income from just one source. There is a lack of supportive measures that address this specific group and its capacity for a more stable career.

Our “CreativeGPS: Creative Proffesionals Navigating the Job Market: Skill Building and Transnational Peer Learning For Added Agency” project partner’s intensive lunch-to-lunch meeting laid strong foundations for supporting experienced creative professionals in the ever-changing job market. Later this year 3 parallel programs will be launched in Latvia, Estonia and Finland creating a learning journey for 60 professionals in the creative fields. To fuel further opportunities, at the final phase of the project the partners will launch an open-access toolkit, to share the teachings, reflections and best-cases coming out of the program to a wider audience in the target countries and beyond.

Exciting transnational opportunities lie ahead! Stay tuned as we exchange experiences and develop a program tailored to these dynamic times. Read more about the project here.

The total budget of the CreativeGPSproject is 212 644 €, of which 80%, or €170 115, come from the Interreg Central Baltic programme and the remaining 20% from the project partners.