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The “CreativeGPS: Creative Professionals Navigating the Job Market: Skill Building and Transnational Peer Learning For Added Agency”  project supports experienced creative professionals to navigate in their careers.


In Europe, especially in the Central Baltic Region, professionals in cultural and creative fields face a lot of challenges in securing sustainable employment and income. Their work often involves multiple and diverse activities, making it rare to have a steady income from just one source. There is a lack of supportive measures that address this specific group and its capacity for a more stable career.


To address these challenges, a program called “CreativeGPS” will be implemented by the Northern Dimension Partnershion on Culture (NDPC, Latvia), Tallinn Creative Incubator (Tallinna Loomeinkubaator, Estonia), and Trade Union for Art and Culture Professionals (TAKU, Finland). This program will be designed for highly educated creative professionals who despite their high level of skills and expertise may not have a strong standing in the job market.


The program will create a supportive transnational peer-learning environment for 60+ participants in total to enhance entrepreneurial and marketing skills, their soft and relational skills and networking. This not only allows the participants’ to collaborate and exchange ideas but also increases their chances of finding supportive mindsets, networks and work possibilities beyond their home country.

  • The first part of the project will include an in-person kick-off meeting in Latvia, Estonia and Finland following with a series of online workshops .The aim of the first training series is to detect challenges in the career pathways of the professionals, and the core competences that would aid them to achieve their career goals.
  • The second stage of the project, both – onsite in Tallinn and online – will focus on boosting the participants’ entrepreneurial and marketing skills, transnational networks and career possibilities with peers from all three countries.
  • After the first and second stages of the program, an evaluation stage will follow, with the aim to prepare an open-access toolkit, to share the teachings, reflections and best-cases coming out of the program to a wider audience in the target countries and beyond.

Project Duration

01.01.2024 – 30.06.2025


The total budget of the CreativeGPS project is 212 644 €, of which 80%, or € 170 115, come from the Interreg Central Baltic programme and the remaining 20% from the project partners.

Project Website


Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture (lead partner)

Tallinn Creative Incubator

Trade Union for Art and Culture Professionals